Purity Anti-Acne Facial

Get rid of facial impurities caused by acne with a specialized treatment using the Nelly De Vuyst® BioAcne line.

Our Purity Anti-Acne Facial utilizes the Nelly De Vuyst® BioAcne line for oily and acne-prone skin. All formulations are designed to reliably control and prevent visible symptoms of acne such as papules, pustules, excess sebum, blackheads, and acne scars. This facial treatment is ideal for individuals who want to manage and eliminate their acne without the harsh side effects of medications or antibiotics. With ingredients such as burdock root extract, aloe vera, tea tree oil, and magnolia extract, the BioAcne line will deeply cleanse your pores and reduce inflammation caused by breakouts.

We will apply a gentle bio-medical grade AHA or salicylic acid peel to decrease redness, control bacteria, reduce the appearance of comedones and blemishes, and soothe your skin. Your complexion will appear fresher, brighter, and gleaming with purity as the treatment takes effect. In only 30 days, any sign of acne such as blackheads, pimples, and oily skin will be visibly reduced. For optimal acne reduction and control, we recommend getting a series of 3 Purity Anti-Acne facials with an initial series of 4 IPL acne treatments.

Some facts about our Purity Anti-Acne Facial treatment:

  • Can manage all forms of acne including inflammatory, cystic, pustular, and hormonal
  • Uses 100% COSMOS®-certified bio-organic ingredients
  • Results are visible in just 30 days
  • Formulated to showcase long-lasting effects
  • Eliminates worry about the side effects and long-term concerns of taking antibiotics and skin-altering acne medications

There is no guarantee of specific results as results can vary by individual.