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Sol·ace - peaceful, restful, soothing, supportive

At Solace Wellness Center & Medspa, we believe that true wellness is developed with a proper balance in our physical, emotional, and spiritual self. Our focus is to provide you personalized skin and body care programs with lifestyle coaching that bring lasting improvements to your physical self, while enriching your mind and spirit.

Dr. James Wu’s concept of integrative wellness was developed as he observed the health of his patients. Even with the many advances in medicine, his patients were showing up in increasingly poor overall health with each passing year. Through scientific research, he became convinced that chronic inflammation in the body is the culprit behind many diseases ranging from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke, gum and mouth disease, and even certain cancers.

And because the skin is one of the ways damage and disease enters the body, caring for our skin and body proves to be an integral part of our physical and total well being. The Solace Lifestyle is the result of our approach. Solace brings you the most advanced aesthetic and clinical-grade skin and body treatments combined with eastern Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine principles that emphasize prevention and relaxation as part of healing and optimal wellness.

Our carefully designed, science-based modalities aim to refine, refresh, and renew your skin and body health to set your holistic transformation and lead you to feel and look your best.


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